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People who close their eyes have more lovers and a bigger pout means a greater climax: what your orgasm face says about you?

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Shane Warne gets relationship therapy from ex-adult movie star and counsellor

Lianne Young, 43, turned her back on X-rated movies years ago and is now one of the UK’s most successful relationship counsellors

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From hoover cleaners to door stops, you won’t believe what else this sexpert says you can do with sex toys – and why you’ll never look at a napkin ring the same way again

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Londoners love latex, Manchester has a catsuit fetish and harnesses are a hit in Nottingham… Britain’s kinkiest towns have been revealed – but what’s YOUR local sex obsession

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‘World’s first’ animated ‘porn star’ to appear in sex tape – but only if she gets 1million Instagram fans

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Wife thought husband was cheating because he smelt of booze and sex…

but then she found out he’d had sex with 100 dead bodies.

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GET THE ENGINE RUNNING If the spark’s gone, our experts will help to jump-start your sex life

f you find it difficult to talk about your sexual desires openly, then sexting might seem daunting. But as sex counsellor Lianne Young explains, it doesn’t have to be an explicit essay about what you want your partner to insert and where.

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