The Gordian Project  is an awareness programme raising knowledge and qualified education provided by experts aimed at upskilling staff, volunteers, business organisations, schools, education providers, students and those vulnerable to sexual abuse, trafficking and organisational harm and exploitation through vocational education. Areas that fall under this banner include- 

  • Define Pornography and its purpose in society. 
  • Technology and Pornography- How it affects us. 
  • Porn effects on the brain- Hormones and Development. 
  • Fantasy v Reality- What is real and what is acting, the real emotions of sex  Workers and long term issues. 
  • Power, Sexual Abuse and Violence, is it connected to online activity? Coercion,  Control and Mental Coercion signs to look out for. 
  • Signs of depression, disorders and self harm within the sexual arena • When No means No, Consent and unable to consent, How to withdraw consent • How to report sexual crimes, abuse and understanding of safeguarding To include  Specialist reporting units to include police and outreach companies. Both NHS and  private. 
  • Obscenity law-What is Abuse, Rape, Coercion and Trafficking. 
  • Workplace locations where abuse is believed to be active and how to deal with this,

Aims and Objectives 

  • To upskill staff, volunteers and students in a broad range of industries and  work sectors, building confidence on identifying and reporting signs of  exploitation, sex abuse and grooming in the classroom, online and in the  law-What place. 
  • Community organisations such as-Youth clubs, vulnerable persons  organisations, sex workers and contributors, especially those needing  extra support on identifying such issues. 
  • Businesses which have reporting of abuse or are open to preventing the  escalating issues with sex abuse and online safety. 
  • Industries affected by online harm around online predators and sexual  issues. 

Expansion Aims 

  • Engaging with organisations where online, predatory and sexual crimes are  an issue, or the potential to develop issues. 
  • To work in partnership with specific organisations including the Metropolitan Police, related charities, sexual health organisations to up skill  and educate schools, workplaces and organisations. 
  • To provide promotional materials, ongoing support and help with long term  impact to educate and enhance information and long term development.