Lianne Young



Lianne Young

Lianne Young is the UK’s leading experts on Pornography, Sex and Relationships. She also works as a volunteer counsellor for the Adult industry through APAG (Adult performers actors guild) based in the USA. Lianne presently volunteers as an out reacher beside the MET police where she opened the avenue of Porn actors being able to report crimes from the industry anonymously.

Lianne is often in the news providing expert advice and provides media consultation for production companies making TV and Films on the worlds biggest industry.

Her career

Lianne earned the title “Porn Queen of England” in the year 2000 when she successfully made a name for her self in the capital of Adult entertainment, California. Lianne retired form the industry in 2001 before moving on to education and taking short courses with the Family Planning Association on Sex, Law and policy, teenage pregnancies and Sex Education.


She started her mainstream career in 2002 appearing on shows such as ”The Jeremy Kyle show,’ ‘The Trisha Goddard show,’ ‘How to Have Sex After Marriage, and several other mainstream productions as a sex and relationships advisor and adult industry expert. 

Lianne is qualified in: Counselling skills Addictions Counsellor, Cybersex and Internet Sex Addiction, Infidelity and Affair: Realities, Myths, and Effect Therapies, Couples Therapy: Counterintuitive Approaches to Working More Effectively, Sexual Issues” Diagnosis and Treatments, Sex, Law, and Policy, Communicating about Sexual Health and has taken a course in Sexual Violence and Migration. Lianne additionally opened a reporting system between the British Adult video industry and crime reporting with the MET Police which she knows is much needed. Presently she is undertaking studies to become a qualified teaching assistant to distribute an education class on pornography myths and busts she has written alongside her colleague Kelly, to deliver real time knowledge and expertise on the subject nationwide as part of an eduction package. 

Her life

Lianne is proud mum of two children now in their late 20s. She resides in South West London.