Lianne is an ethically proactive expert educator who possesses a deep understanding of the over 18 Adult Industry. She applies her expertise, knowledge and skills to empower and guide people in a responsible and compassionate manner on understanding this subject area.

 Lianne demonstrates a strong commitment to ethical principles and values, which she uses to help others. She recognises that education extends beyond the mere transfer of knowledge and provides  a safe and inclusive learning environment that encourages open dialogue, critical thinking, and respect for diverse perspectives. She understands the importance of nurturing people to understand this sensitive subject and is proactive in taking the initiative to help provide professional understanding and how it has an impact on society, both positive and negative. 

Moreover, Lianne  is sensitive to individual needs and circumstances and adapts her teaching methods to accommodate various learning styles and create personalized learning experiences that support the growth and success of everyone. Lianne promotes inclusivity and equality, ensuring that all class delivery, conferences and talks provide only real knowledge and skilled delivery. 

Lianne developed “The Gordian Project ” alongside other professionals using honesty, integrity, and confidentiality in order to maintain professional boundaries while actively supporting others both in counselling, advising and safeguarding.

Lianne believes in helping others with well-being and mental health support by volunteering beside the MET police as an outreach for anyone wishing to report crime in this diverse industry. She offers emotional support and when necessary will act as a role model to help inspire others not only through her knowledge and expertise but also through her compassion, dedication, and commitment.

Lianne is qualified in counselling skills and addictions, cybersex and internet sex addiction, infidelity and affairs, sex, law, and policy, communicating about sexual health and contraceptive choices.

She has additionally undertaken studies in trafficking and sexual exploitation.