Lianne Young

Lianne Young is one of the leading UK’s advisor on Adult entertainment, sex and relationships. She started her mainstream career in 2002 appearing on shows such as ”The Jeremy Kyle show’, ‘The Trisha Goddard show’, ‘How to Have Sex after Marriage and several other mainstream productions as a sex and relationships advisor and porn industry expert. She is additionally known for covering events such as AVN, XBIZ, Prowler Awards and other events around a variety of lifestyles and the Adult Industries. 

Lianne has a caring, positive attitude and a desire to help people understand different relationships.

She is dedicated to her work after her own retirement from the Adult industry in 2001 and always maintains the highest level of commitment to her work and her clients. Her nature is calm, collective, confident and above all understanding.

Lianne believes in charity works and therefore volunteers as an outreacher beside the MET Police  Sexual Violence Unit helping sex workers better their lives with mentoring and advising on sexual wellbeing alongside reporting crime. Additionally she works with APAG union in the USA as a voluntary emergency counsellor for the Adult Industry.  Her knowledge is unique, qualified, honest and reliable and you will often see her providing her expert advice in media publications including The Sun, The Mail, The Metro, Vice and many more.

Lianne is also the host of several podcasts discussing sexual choices and Adult careers.

Lianne on Extraordinary People

Lianne is qualified in many areas complimenting her experience including:

Counselling skills Addictions Counsellor, Cybersex and Internet Sex Addiction, Infidelity and Affair: Realities, Myths and Effect Therapies, Couples Therapy: Counterintuitive Approaches to Working More Effectively, Sexual Issues” Diagnosis and Treatments, Sex, Law and Policy, Communicating about Sexual Health and Contracepotive Choices.

Lianne is additionally qualified in in Advanced Business Management, Occupational Health and Safety, Advance Business and Project Management,